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Social responsibility Sensational foundation

London Rag believes in strengthening and developing the community by contributing to good causes that help and nurture the underprivileged. We, at London Rag, aim to support the community in one of the ways by donating to varied NGOs and singular NPOs. The loss and difficulties that we have faced in the past two years due to the tragic pandemic have left a void in all of us. This is why London Rag contributes substantial amount of profits to goodwill foundations and organizations to help develop our society.

London Rag wants to do its best to its ability to help and support by contributing to organizations like Sensational Foundation which aids people with disabilities, strives toward unlearning prejudiced norms, and uses effective training methods to open opportunities for disabled people in the corporate industry.

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“We believe giving back is of utmost importance since we would not have this privilege without the support of our dear customers. And we’re extremely proud and grateful that we can contribute to the goodwill of people through the organizations and foundations that reflect the same ethical responsibility as ours.”

- CEO of London Rag
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