Why You Should Wear Ankle Boots This Season

Why You Should Wear Ankle Boots This Season

Hold up before you put all your winter boots in the back of your closet! Summer’s just around the corner and our excitement can’t be contained! This year’s summer is all about pastels and metallic, with a touch of grunge to it all. The coming era is an intriguing mix of classics and metaverse, such as platform boots on one hand of the evolved, eccentric fashion that has come out of fashion’s evolution and on the other hand basic jeans and plain white t-shirt outfit with some ageless Chelsea boots.

Coming to ankle boots, as discussed above, due to the ever-evolving nature of fashion there are infinite designs, silhouettes, and styles, just among the ankle boots genre. Including the archive of vintage and ageless styles, it is an overwhelming but exciting array of ankle boots. London Rag always aims to bring you the current and trendiest of styles, with some classic ageless styles so we cater to most individual personalities.

With fashion being so forward and experimentation today welcomed, there have been some revelations amongst which is styling ankle boots around the year. And we won’t deny it, the styling looks super chic and alluring! This also brings forward sustainability and maximum wearability. Below are some of our ankle boots along with a style guide as to how we would pair them around the year.


Chelsea boots are a staple in every wardrobe and these ones have a subtle and sublime gold accent on the heel which elevates the whole mood of the heeled boots. Chelsea boots have been an ageless style throughout the decades that never fails to make an impact in an outfit. They are easy to wear, convenient, and can be worn throughout the year with their versatile nature. Here, we have paired the versatile shoes with a cute corset crop top which is chic and alluring with beautiful pleated details. The faux leather shorts are bold and edgy and look uber cool paired with the Chelsea boots, giving it a minimal but impactful look that speaks volumes. The overall outfit is stylish and has a trendy yet classic feel to it which is enthralling.


Neutrals are for all seasons. Yes, we said what we said. Neutrals are versatile, and the warm peach nude heeled boots are the perfect addition to your closet, especially in your formal wear. The sharp high heel stilettos and pointed toe give the Chelsea boots a sleek look that is sophisticated yet alluring. The one shoulder bikini top is a Y2K take and looks super cute paired with the cozy casual pants. The outfit is chic and easy, keeping it simple but cool with the easy-to-go cropped pants yet keeping it sexy and bold with the heeled Chelsea boots.


It seems that grunge and biker girl aesthetic are carrying through in 2023 as well looking at the runway shows. Grunge has evolved a lot over the years, and today we see a muted yet bold and edgy aesthetic of it which is alluring with a touch of goth. The boots are all about rugged beauty with chain embellishments and contrasting welt stitch detail. The lug soles give them a trendy and striking look which is currently in vogue. The skirt is the star of the show with metallic ring embellishments and cutouts. The biker aesthetic of the skirt is quite hip and looks absolutely ravishing. The halter neck top is basic yet stylish and pairs well with the skirt giving it a good base. Altogether, the whole outfit is super fashionable and has that grunge aesthetic that we see in a lot of street style looks. This fit would also look great in fall with an added trench coat and some stockings for warmth.


Summers are all about flirty and flair, and this fit is easy and relaxed. The platform ankle boots are elegant and chic, exhibiting a sophisticated and ravishing beauty. The heeled boots go perfectly well with the checkered dress and give it a bit of depth in terms of visual aesthetics. The dress is cinched in the waist and flatters the body shape beautifully. The outfit is modern yet has a retro feel to it because of the checkered print. It’s perfect for a lunch date or even brunch with friends and family.


Bright popping colors seem to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere for a long time. The Gen Z era is all about expressing your absolute truth and acceptance of flaws. It’s unapologetically loud, and we absolutely stan! To fit in the aesthetic, the high heeled boots are gorgeous with a beautiful bright purple shade. The printed dress is chic and stylish with the alluring floral print and looks sexy too. The monochromatic look is sure to turn some heads your way!